Standing Bear

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Standing Bear

Taylor Keen presents Standing Bear, Chief of the Poncas. As was the case with many Native American tribes of the 1800s, increased settlement in their lands led to disastrous consequences for the Poncas of Northeast and North Central Nebraska. Eventually forced to relocate to reservation land in Oklahoma Territory, the Ponca faced a great deal of hardship. Upon the death of his son, whose last wish was to be returned to the Ponca homelands, Standing Bear honored his wishes and took his son home. On the course of the journey, Standing Bear was apprehended by the U.S. Army and was forced to stand trial.  In this famous case, Standing Bear v. Crook, it was found that “an Indian is a person within the meaning of the law” and Standing Bear was being held illegally. This case, while not addressing many of the other policies of the action of the Federal government toward Native Americans, was an important first step in establishing basic civil rights for Native Americans.

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May 24 Standing Bear 7:30 pm

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