Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Laura Ingalls Wilder

Karen Vuranch portrays Laura Ingalls Wilder, homesteader and author of the beloved Little House books.  As a child and young woman, Laura Ingalls Wilder experienced first-hand frontier towns, the coming of the railroad, and homesteading on the prairie as her family moved from Wisconsin to the Dakota Territory by way of short periods of settlement in Kansas, Minnesota, and Iowa. As a young wife and mother, she homesteaded with her husband, Almanzo, until a series of personal tragedies forced them to leave Dakota Territory and pursue another course, eventually settling near Mansfield, Missouri. As a farm wife in Missouri, Wilder began to write for local papers and magazines and upon the urging of her daughter, widely-respected author Rose Wilder Lane, began to write accounts of her family’s life in what became the bestselling and beloved Little House books.

Chautauqua Workshops
May 23 Laura Ingalls Wilder 7:30 pm
May 23 Telling Your Own Story 2:00 pm
May 25 Rise and Fall of the Wild West 12:00 pm

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