George Washington Carver

The Chautauqua Troupe
George Washington Carver

Paxton Williams portrays George Washington Carver, noted inventor and botanist. Carver was yet another American who took advantage of the many opportunities presented by the 1862 legislation. Born in Missouri into slavery, in his young adult years Carver moved to Kansas seeking an education and claimed a homestead in West Central Kansas. Like many Americans who homesteaded, he was not able to “prove up” and left for Iowa to continue his quest for an education, arriving at what is today known as Iowa State University, the first land-grant college under the Morrill Act. Carver is best known for his work at Tuskegee Institute and the agriculture innovations that he formulated there.

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May 21 The Exodusters 2:00 pm
May 22 The Plant Doctor 10:00 am
May 22 George Washington Carver 7:30 pm

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